As an agency that deals with the diversity of people every day inside and outside our company, and sees it as a great asset and value, we are committed to promoting diversity and equality in our society. Our philosophy is to respect all people equally, regardless of their social or ethnic background, age, physical and mental abilities/characteristics, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, ideology, etc. We are committed to providing a high quality of life for all our staff.

Further information about us and our values can be found here.

Editorial note:

Wherever editorially possible, we refrain from using gender-related language. However, where this significantly impairs reading fluency, we use the “generic masculine” form. All personal references are treated equally and in the spirit of a commitment to diversity and social plurality. Any abbreviated form of language is therefore exclusively for editorial reasons and does not imply any value judgement.

If any part of this website causes offence, please contact us. Send an email with your concern to live@bplusd.de.